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Warpath Void Knight Last Epoch Build Guide



Super hyped to present you my first ever Last Epoch build guide!

I’ve played Warpath back in the early Alpha days and was ready for Beta to give a second look. Spinned through all content and over 100+ waves without any broken items, exploits or abusing abnormal mechanics.
This build gives a solid amount of sustain and necessary damage to destroy all content.


Very similar to the build I’m playing with now. Thanks for posting!


You are most welcome!! Are you doing non-crit too? I will maybe try crit later as well.


i will try this one out. thank you for posting!


trying this build out now and its pretty fun so far. Thanks for the guide!


Haha, his character name reminds me of that South Park episode when the people from the future took their jobs.

They took our jobs!!!


Yes, not focusing on crit at this time. May change it around. Just past lvl 50. My guy is a bit of a squish still but not dying anymore.

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