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Warpath Movement Speed Decrease is Incorrect/Bugged

I have been experimenting with Warpath on a Void Knight and noticed a couple of big discrepencies that do not line up.

Warpath’s advanced tooltip says it reduces movement speed by 20%.
My characters base movement speed is 33% normally and when I warpath it goes to 6% for a net loss of 27% movement speed.

When I have Devouring Orb up with Movement speed Node, I go to 53% movement speed, and when I warpath it drops to 22% movement speed for a 31% decrease.

Both of the examples above are above the 20% the tool tip states.

Is the movement speed debuff multiplicative instead of additive?

It may be Llama, I haven’t had time to actually break down the math. I mentioned to Rimed and he tested and at no boots, it gives the flat 20% so I believe this may be the case.

Yeah, I think it’s multiplicative (or it reduces the movement speed by a flat 20% and 20% of the pre-warpath figure).

33% - 20% - (33*0.2) = 6.4%, rounded down to 6%.

53% - 20% - (53*0.2) = 22.4%, rounded down to 22%.

so it changes the amount of movement speed it takes away if I have the 15% movement from the vk tree it leaves me with -8%. If i use just storm tide boots that give 37% it will take me down to 10%. i I use just orbs that give 20% it will take me down to -4%. If I use all the together at 72% it will bring me down too 38%
So I think it might be scaling multiplicative not awake enough to do the math instead of taking away a flat 20%

Edit : Isee @Llama8 is already on top of that I thought it was multiplicative

Apparently not, along with the base weapon attack speed which is also multiplicative to all other sources of attack speed.

So not just with the movement speed but the attack speed as well… Interesting.

Yup, that’s why Deicide swords are so much faster, they’re multiplying your attack speed from gear & passives/etc by 20%.

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The question is, is this the intent or the bug?
We are told in the advanced tool tip when holding alt down that its 20% but it doesn’t explain if its flat or multiplicative and based on wording I would think it should just be flat.

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I don’t know, it could go either way.

@Llama8 I checked in Ask The Devs via Discord and this is fully intended as per Trasochi

20% seems really high for multiplicative as it can send you into the negatives in movement speed…

Wonder if the movement speed increase from warpath completely negates its then…

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