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Warpath Initiation Issue on Destructibles/Non-passable Terrain

Warpath is a skill that really thrives on mobility, maneuverability, control, and the flow of combat while still dealing damage. When this is interrupted it makes the skill feel weird and not fun to play.


As you can see, when you attempt to start Warpath while your cursor is above a destructible item it will not activate. Sometimes it will and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m actually off the item. This interrupts the flow of combat, and causes the player to believe their skill is not working, they are out of mana, or they have some sort of ailment debuff on them.

Why this is important: Not seen in the video are any enemies. However, several times now I have found myself near a destructible item and attempted to spin when I have a dozen or more enemies around me. In fact, the character used in the video lost it’s “Deathless” tag because of this reason. I attempted to use Warpatch but my cursor was on a destructible and therefore I died because I was not able to kill the monsters. (Not complaining about my death, just an example of why this should be corrected)

Open to criticism/discussion on what others think. Thank you for the consideration.

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Upon further interaction, it appears that the main problem is “non-passable terrain”. Some destructibles count as non-passable. The reason I came to this conclusion is seen in this video.


You are also unable to start spinning if you activate the skill in an area you can not reach. This is presumably because the skill tries to “path to cursor”. This makes the skill feel odd to play in areas such as the burning pier.

My resolution: Change the skill from “path to cursor” and instead make it something along the lines of “path TOWARDS cursor”. What’s the difference? Well, it would path to the cursor regardless if the area was reachable by the player or not. It would collide with walls and just sit there, spinning, attempting to reach the cursor. This is not a problem. This would allow the player spin how they want without it “failing” to activate due to non-passable terrain.

(Yes, this is exactly how PoE’s Cyclone works - and yes, it feels much better this way)

Thanks HuskerDK, I made a similar input before but haven’t tried since 0.7.10 to see if it was still an issue.

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