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Warlock ideas

My thoughts for Warlock, admittedly a bit bias, would be more of a buff/debuff style class. I absolutely LOVED Mesmer in Guild Wars 1, as it was truly a revolutionary type of class in that style of game. The anti-class. I would really love to see something centered around causing damage based on actions of the mobs, buffs based on my actions, and the interaction between those. A complex class, difficult to master, but strong if you can. The buff/debuff style would also make it attractive for party play.

I’ve been aching for another game with a class like that, even Guild Wars 2 failed in the new iteration of Mesmer.

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Hmmm, quick responses on the Mage forums but not so much here. Just lots more players playing Mage I guess?

So some thoughts like Mesmer as I mentioned above:


  1. Enemies take damage when they attack (could deal AoE/Hex in an area)
  2. Enemies take damage when they cast (could deal AoE/Hex in an area)
  3. Degen with slowed movement/attack and cast speed
  4. Next attack/spell fails, interrupts nearby enemies, deals damage
  5. Spells that drain mana (not sure if enemies actually have mana)
  6. Interrupts the next attack, deals damage, and blinds
  7. Degen, that interrupts nearby enemies if hexed foe successfully completes an action

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