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Warlock class idea


This is an idea I had for a Warlock ability - probably a high proc chance with moderately long internal cooldown granted by an item.

Unending Affliction

Expert Warlocks are such masters at applying curses that trivial matters like death offer no respite for their victims.

The Warlock applies mild health degeneration for 20 seconds. If the target dies while affected by this curse, an immobile spirit will appear at the victim’s location for the remainder of the duration. Maddened by its recent demise, it will attack its former allies at range.

While this risks encroaching upon the Necromancer’s design space, it’s differentiated by the inability to command the spirit, pet/minion bonuses do not affect it, and it cannot move. Being the result of a curse also ties it thematically to the Warlock.


I really like that idea, it almost turns enemies you kill in to melee turrets. That’s a really neat idea. Warlocks will have some pet class characteristics. The base class acolyte will have elements of both warlock and necromancer and all acolyte skills carry over to both mastery classes.


I really like this - this would actually be a good base skill for the acolyte that can be modified different for the necromancer and warlock through a skill tree.

Love the suggestion!


It’s got a really strong Undead theme, which fits rather well for our Character Design. After KickStarter there’s going to be a pretty strong focus on making sure these five classes feel very distinct.