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Ward viability

Ward feels incredubly weak and it drains really fast. When I look at Lich it looks like class that would want to get alot of ward up and then drain their life as low as possible for increased damage, but ward is so brittle and small it feels like nice to have bonus at best. Did you guys actually managed to make it work like that?

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I think ward is decent-good, you just need to put alot of effort in it to make it usefull(passives, skill Points, gear)

And in any case, depending on your skills and class of course, ward is not just a “passive shield”, in most cases you have to “work” for it, build it up before doing full dps or every 2nd mob Group etc.

Which i generally like. With some skill combinations i basically can make my self invincible, by stacking ward into the 2k, 3k,4,5k-ish Region but i don’t do any Damage then(Lich Melee Build).

I generally like the idea of the game mechanic, maybe devs could make it a little bit harder to build up but modify the formula of ward Decay in such a way that on the lower end(lets say 100-1000 ward the decay is even slower then currently

TL:DR: I think ward is fine, Maybe some minor adjustementsto ward decay/ward rention

as a mage sorc player now i can say i love ward system too not only choosin skill talent points on Ward build up or slow decay it the ward mechanic effects your game playstyle too as myself have to think and be active to build up my ward on dangerous times its like fighting game vs monsters :smiley: BUT i agree it decays so fast tho :d just need some buff on that one

My opinion as well. Provided that Acolyte has no other means of strong sustain, Ward needs a bit of a buff to justiy the heavy investment.

Lol ward is insane now, especially with judgement buff, and potion shards granting ward, and not relying on the unique ward potion belt!

Ring of the third eye is love, ring of the third eye is life.

Consider this: a spellblade with flame reave, a flame reave which comes back and shoots a bunch of fireballs which crit too for good measure. Tasty tasty ward!

Ward builds can work if you build them right and skill for it no question there. The only thing I ask myself every time is: Why on earth should I? It’s so easy to build a lot of defenses in this game and everybody can run arround in plate armor and crafting makes things eaven easier to achive. Why should I even spend points into a ward system that isn’t needed?

Sure that’s just my mindset and there are most likely benefits to using ward heavy builds but I don’t see those. Then again the spellblade mastery looks promising and will most likely benefit the most from it.

Well, I am new player and I decided to make a build on my own. Sure, it might not be the ‘meta’ or whatever but I always have more fun with theorycrafting than actual gameplay in games like this.

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