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Ward (sorcerer)


So i see that ward is being nerfed in the upcoming patch (i assume this is to not let sorcerors stack 8k+ and help balance) but the only reason you can stack that much is cause the skills is bugged. If not bugged then the “warding” is wrong.

Skill - Teleport
Node - out of mind
Possible allocated points - 3

The “warding” is “converts 12% per point of current health into ward at twice its value”
yet it coverts much closer to 30%

I have 1436 life if i use teleport it drops me down to exactly 1006. Thats 430 life of 1436… Or 29.94%. No where close to 12%

If this skill actually only coverted 12% there would be no need to make ward decay 2x as fast as we would have less than half total to begin with.

I personally would rather get less ward and have it decay slower than vice versa due to tp cd.


Yeah ward is already gonna be dropping because you are getting hit, to also then have it drop so fast seems crazy to me.


What I want to know is why only mage, and acolyte get this special mechanic?

Each class should have a healthy mix of damage options, and damage mitigation for end game content.


Mostly casters have ward on top of everything else everyone has access to without an downside. So you can be a resistence buffed, ll tank caster that get’s ward on top of it. It’s hard to maintain a meaningfull ammount of ward on other classes and restricts the use of certain uniques to make it even work. Casters are the special snowflakes of LE ^^.


I have tested this as well and I also think its odd. However I will note that it does seem to give double ward based on the actual value it took away:)

As to the other points the topic poster and others are making. I think people are making ward builds wrong or at least lazy. Yes you should definitely get as much glancing blow as possible. But protections are very important. You should not rely on just a huge ward pool to keep you alive. I personally welcome the ward changes. My sorcerer build (which also happens to be number 1 in hc waves ladder) has about 900 armor and 600 of each protection. As well as 80%ish glancing blow and 53% block with 2300ish block protection. My ward retention at level 92 is only 250%. And the ward I get dramatically reduces the % protection I receive.
Basically the point is the ward is pretty much superficial for my build. I could easily do the exact same thing with life.
However, the argument of close range builds to ranged builds is an entirely different matter. I think builds that are close range have a huge disadvantage in the current build. Much more so than life vs ward.
This has always been a major issue in arpgs though.

TLDR: I think people, not so much in this thread but others I read are over estimating the power of ward against extremely strong enemies. As much as I hate to admit it. The power of sorcerers isnt ward. Not even close. Its the incredible power of the black hole skill. I’m currently on wave 730 and I rarely take any damage at all. Teleport as a purely utility positional skill, with proper understanding of how arena monsters move + black hole = you wont be taking any damage from 99% of the monsters in the game.

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