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Wandering Spirits Causing Character to Become Unresponsive

Whether it’s lag or some other defective mechanic, using wandering spirits is making the game unplayable. My character is constantly delayed in responding to actions while the skill is active, sometimes running in the same spot for up to 2 seconds before finally moving again. This has resulted in death far to many times and is frustrating me beyond belief.

After the nerf to Aura of Decay my build is now relying on this skill significantly more than before. So at the moment other than being forced to create a brand new character, the choices before me are to either not use it and do barely any damage since the “fix” to aura overreached and killed the skill completely, or use it and attempt to deal with the lag which 70% of the time kills me. I’ve noticed this issue even before the aura nerf but since aura was so powerful I barely had to use spirits. Please don’t follow in the footsteps of the Wolcen devs by focusing on nerfing skills instead of bug fixing. Although nerfs and balance fixes are certainly necessary, bugs like these are far more frustrating to deal with than an OP skill and should require more immediate attention.

This is also not just an issue on my end since someone else, on the build I was following, also complained about this issue. From what I’ve noticed my frames are not dropping either so it doesn’t seem to be an fps issue. The game isn’t freezing, my character just becomes unresponsive.

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