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Walls of Solarium Bug

The passive note of Sentinel (Forge Guard mastery) Walls of Solarium says:
While using a shield you deal increased fire damage overtime.
However in the Damage stats (after pressing C) i dont see any increase of damage overtime.
I did saw increased damage overtime increasing while using a weapon with the stat.

Is Walls of Solarium working at all? Or is it only bugged on not showing in the overall damage stat screen?

Please look into this because it makes a lot of difference if it doesnt work :smiley:

That’s because the passive increases your fire damage over time & the line on the character sheet is only for generic damage over time (not the specific fire DoT).

The only way you’d be able to tell if it was working is on the dummy by hitting it with a skill that can ignite & comparing the damage with & without the passive.

Well i assumed that it would show on increased damaged over time since there is no line for fire damage over time in the sheet…

It is hard to tell for me if it works on a dummy since i have so many resources who are buffing my fire damage overtime…
I know you are trying to help but i also hope you understand my point. I actually tested on a dummy aswell.

I do, but that node will not show up on the character sheet since that line on the character sheet is for general DoT buffs, not buffs that are specific to a particular DoT. That’s just how the character sheet works unfortunately.

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