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Volcanic Orb - Fiery Runes Node

I’m trying to determine any benefit aside from the pre-requisite of this skill. It has 7 possible points, but says in the description “Does not scale with points allocated”. I think I’d be assuming incorrectly that all invested points are a waste, but maybe not?

Any insight is appreciated.

Good question, there should be something that it’s increasing with points, this looks like either a tooltip bug (it’s not showing what it does increase) or a node bug (it’s not increasing anything).

I’m sure @Sarno can move the thread to the bug report section.

After looking through the tree for a bit based on the visual next to the text, I think I’ve got it. It;s specifying that the increase doesn’t scale from the on hit effects that add directly to the orbs damage, and only scales the Glyph and Explosion effect.

Assuming I’m correct, that tag seems redundant since the skill says it only impacts the Glyph and Explosion.

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