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Volatile Reversal does not work properly for mana return in arenas

As per discussion with Trasochi on discord last night, Volatile Reversal has a tendency to not work properly in Arenas (and some Monolith locations, such as Abomination) for reasons I can’t seem to determine when used for mana return.

Volatile skill tree

Expected behaviour.
While out of the arena (in campaign or monolith maps), I have 100% consistency doing this, and will always have this result unless I personally mess up the timing or skill usage.

Bug in action, low wave arena.. You can see here, I’m sitting at 140+ FPS, no enemies on screen, this is just after having completed wave 10. The skill breaks down further and further from this point as arena goes on, such that you end up with either 0 mana, or negative 60 mana nearly every time, and seeing positive mana returns from this becomes surprising.