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Volatile Reversal bug

Ok here what is happening on the pictures

  1. I stand full mana, no skills were used before , i cast a V.Reversal as you can see it started its cd, i wait for ~1 second(as you can see on the screenshot the timer went around 1/5 of the cd, and i have 5 second cd on VR)

2)i start spamming void hammers, this is taken as soon as my cd on VR ended, i almost ran out of mana by the end of cd, I have a node that makes VR travel back 2 more seconds, and logically after casting again VR i go back in 4 seconds and get full mana as on picture 1

  1. but you can see how much mana i actually get on this picture…why is it happening? I tested a lot of times

  2. my tree for VR

Summarizing i think the node that adds 2 seconds going back in time just doesnt work so i go back in time for 2 seconds not 4.

Update: after some testing I confirmed that this node(Ancient reversal) ONLY works with your position and the reversal buffs of ms and as(they last 4 seconds) BUT for mana it doesnt work like that, you get the same mana as you had 2 not 4 seconds before the cast. Is this how it intended to work or a bug?!

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Thanks, I’ve confirmed this internally and made a note of it. It seems to me that the health, mana and position aspects do not go back 4 seconds, but Warped Time and Catching Up last 4 seconds.

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OMG you finally got to this, thank you so much for doing it, cant wait for a fixed version! <3

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