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Void Sorcerer Build Guide || Kill MoF bosses in 10 seconds!

Hi all, Amarathy here and I’m back with another build. Introducing the Void Sorc, possibly one of the strongest builds this patch with damage that can rip end bosses to shreds in under 10 seconds and decently tanky as well. The best part is that you become the sun!

How the build works

The build is based around 2 key items, the new Dark Shroud of Cinders and Blade of the Forgotton Knight.

Dark Shroud of Cinders was brought in the patch as a unique drop from Void Shade of Rehyah. It increases void damage by 30%-50% per stack of Fire Aura. It’s an interesting item as Mages are the only class that can produce high stacks of Fire Aura but do not have access to any Void damage through their skills. That’s where Blade of the Forgotten Knight comes in. It adds between 15-25 Void melee damage and most importantly 35-50 void spell damage.

To stack Fire Aura as high as we can, we will be using the Adorned Idols prefix “+6-15% Chance to cast Fire Aura on Critical Strike”, which can also be applied as a suffix to your helm (very rare shard). By using an Unread Scroll, we can increase our base spell crit to push towards 100%. From here, we can look at a few builds to put this in, but where it’s really going to thrive is the channelled Lightning Blast build for 9 hits per cast, ~5 casts per second, and an additional 3% base crit.

In this set up, we can get well over 250 stacks of Fire Aura, giving a whopping 12,500% increased void damage with a perfect chest.

This is the equivalent of having +6250 void damage to any spell! Lightning blast will be hitting over 40k per hit, and with the Eye of Flame node in Flame Ward, your Fire Aura will be ticking for over 1M damage per tick (every 0.5s)

Lastly, we’ll be converting all those crits into ward by running two Ring of the Third Eye. This can comfortably pump out 3k+ ward shields to give you a nice barrier, and if possible pick up spell leech blessing from The Black Sun.


Lightning Blast


Elemental Nova

Flame ward


Running a standard Channelled Lightning Blast Build. Nova can be swapped out for almost any AoE skill.





Items & Blessings

Ideal set up

Though it does take a while to get these uniques, and the very rare affixes are a nice touch but absolutely not needed for the build to do well.


Adorned Idols x4: +15% Chance to cast Fire Aura on Critical Strike | +10% Chance to cast Lightning Aegis when hit


nice build ideia, but i think the gear planner is wrong.

Thanks for that pick up! i’ll edit it in now :slight_smile:

You beat me to it

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neat, i didn’t realize things like flat void damage applied to spells with no void damage. do you use the rings mainly for the ward gain? i guess since the fire aura does most of the damage and can’t crit the multi reduction doesn’t matter much?

Yep, it’s a good build to illustrate how damage is calculated in this game and some of the potential. Every kind of +spell damage is added to all spells, and increased according to their respected modifiers.

Rings are for the ward gain, you can see how big I build my shields at the start vs the dummy and boss. The Crit multi reduction is bit of a drawback but considering much damage this build does it’s a non-issue, so I prefer to cover the defensive aspects. You can totally drop them if you prefer to run a protections/dodge/leech set up. Also Fire Aura definitely takes over at very high stack levels (200+) but LB is still trucking for over 40k per crit on the dummy and is the bread and butter of your damage.


Added to the build compendium, neat interaction!

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Cool i guess i didn’t find the sword yet but as soon i put a hand on this i’ll convert boardman21 build into the void! ( eh get it ? ^^) not oblivion no worry :stuck_out_tongue:

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Crazy… trying this now, thanks!

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what skills would you use to level up?

All of those skills are good for leveling. Lightning Blast with chaining/Elemental Nova takes care of AOE situations, then when you start facing harder bosses you can convert LB to chain on one target (and/or make it channeled – though it gets mana hungry) and continue to Elemental Nova for AOE.

This amulet is so busted, had no idea it was in the game. Any idea from what level its start to drop? 80+ - 90+ ?

It’s lvl 76, so any areas at or above that, or the base will appear for gambling when you reach that level.

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Which build did u convert and how did it go?
Also did u have the Armor+Sword before you changed or at which point did u change?

where to find the boss to get the body armor ?

it doesnt tell where is the boss from .

Void Shade of Rahyeh is the final boss of The Black Sun monolith of fate island. Both the level 68 and 100 version have a 14% chance to drop this item


By convert i mean respec some passive skill and recraft gear
Edit: I don’t have the sword yet :confused:

nice guide, im new player so what modifers on items to chase in the early game before i get access to those uniques? tnx