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Void Knight QoL idea for Volatile Reversal

I’ve been playing my void knight recently and I thought of a really cool little UI feature that could be added for the Volatile Reversal skill. Basically a purple line would track your mana and life showing where they were 2 seconds ago so that you know exactly how much you will have of each when you use the skill. Of course this would be adjusted if you get the ancient reversal node (increases the time you reverse by 1 second per point) as well.

This line would only need to show up as long as the ability is set as one of your active abilities and could otherwise be hidden. I think it would make the ability feel a bit smoother to play as you are always aware of the information you need to use it best. Maybe that’s against the idea of its original design though, it could be that it was specifically intended to be the type of thing you need to keep track of in your head. Either way I think something like that could be nice to have, even as a node on the skill tree. Thoughts?

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Sounds like an awesome idea.