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Void Knight Passive Tree Defensive Options

I just had an awesome idea regarding VK defensive options.

While i understand that VK is a primarily offensive orientated mastery, the viable defensive options within it’s tree are lackluster, you basically just can spec into Health and a little bit of void protection.

So i thought if you really wanna commit to VK, he should get some very distinct and specialized defensive options.

One Idea was a 3 Node Branch:

First Node: X Void Protection (Maybe 5 or 10 points)
-> 4 or 8 points needed to advance further
Second Node: X% of Non-Void damage taken as Void Damage(4 or 5 Points)
-> 4 or 5 Points needed to advance futher
Third Node: X% increased Void Damage if you have taken Void Damage recently (either 1 Point node at the very top that is really strong or 4 Points)

To give you an idea how it should look… witness my advanced oaint drawing skills


Almost as good as mine, but not quite as mad as your spelling skillz. :wink:

That’s a decent idea, but I’d like to see some timey-wimey defence mechanics worked in there a well, such as a node that defers x% of the damage taken over y seconds (more points increase both the % and the duration) with a higher node that gives a % chance (per hit taken, or per second) for that deferred damage to be negated/wiped clean. This would also tie in to making leech more useful.

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Yeah im not very skillfull on the keyboard, i tend to rush alot while typing and need to triple check everything i wrote xD (and still have mistakes in there^^)

That is actually also a VERY awesome and fitting idea. Really has a nice class fantasy to it.

And as you said, with that mechanic leech and also max health are more viable.

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Would really love VK to get some more defensive options, you need higher defenses late game and VK is definitely lcaking in that area. He’s too squishy for a melee focused character

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Yes, absolutly.

And i think my proposed addition would lead to having more “space” on the rest fo your gear for the “usual” defenses. (Basically you can almost ignore void protection on gear as affix)

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Yes, but mine comes with a free screwdriver & box that’s bigger on the inside.
And a fez.

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If you increase the VK defence you need to decrease it’s offence from the passives. I still think there could be defensive options in the upper mastery cluster. Maybe things like inreased block chance per future strike (hope I got the name right ^^) in the last ten seconds or a stacking protection buff, something the other 2 masteries can’t get because it would make them to strong.

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Probably i didn’t made that very clear, i wanted those additional defensive option to be at the 25 points or above mark, so you need to have VK Mastery. Then i think there are no decreases to offensive needed.

Like the idea, but VK has no block related nodes (except for the one that decreases block chance i ntrade for offensive) and i think that should stay that way.
Not sure if you meant Future Strike(the Passive Node) or the Echo Chance(Mastery proc)

Having some sort of defensive nodes that tie into the Echo that are stackable would be awesome, but they need to last long enough, so you don’t need to rush all the time to keep your defensives up.

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I always imagined VK as 2H heavy knight, the unique dreamthorn (not sure of the name) fits perfectly with archetype. Maybe nodes that give block chance and block effectiveness with 2H weapons could work.

Also the echoes could use more love, its a unique feature of VK, maybe defensive buffs if a skill echoed recently.


Yeah Echo chance there we go. I don’t play VK I only play manly masterys ^^. VK is suffering from a bad desing choice. We play a game where defence is king and there we have an almost pure dmg class. This suxx big time because it’s completely against the games design.

That’s why I say: If you increase the mastery defence to make it more playable you need to decrease the offensive potential as well because it would be a bad joke to have a class that is best in defence and offence. Right now VK is in a good spot for what it is a damage dealing class. Sadly the game is made in a way where everyone needs some kind of tank.

Look at the druid mastery and all the possible tank you can get from the passive tree as well as the mastery. VK has almost nothing compared to it and thats the bear (haha) minimum that is needed to play a twohanded build. I think it would be a nice approach and I realy tried to make it work because I liked the idea but you end up ripped appart. Then again if they add the bare minimum of defence needed to make a 2handed build work it will deal to much damage again ^^.

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Yeah definitly like that whole class fantasy, although having a unique 2h weapon with the unique property to block should stay “unique”. Maybe add a higher level version to it, but that’s not the universal solution here.

Yeah, there need to be a good balance, but remember we are talking passive nodes here and those cost points, so i guess balancing this wouldn’t be to hard.
I mean if you go VK and skill all the defensive points(if the add more) and put the rest into offensive, the question is is this VK dealing more dmg and being mroe tanky? Don’t think si, but yeah there need to be caution when handeling such things balancing wise

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They dont have to go that route, i would just prefer them to not add shield nodes to make the VK defensive. I would like to see some passives for using 2H weapon like the warpath tree has for VK passive tree

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Yeah, or some other mechanic to make it more defensive (like this one). Ideally ones that tie in to the void/time/echo thematic of Void Knight.

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i Dont Play void Knight (only play paladin xD), but i will support you guys, will be always good to have more build variations and etc for all classes, its nice to have some variation, seems like in sentinel, people always go sword and board?