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Void Knight - Heavy Endurance Training

The Heavy Endurance Training passive node for void knight doesnt work at all, doesnt give health nor strength

thanks, fixed

Mine is still bugged. Reset and put a few points in… nothing

Which game version are you on?

I just updated my game about an hour ago, and am still not seeing Heavy Endurance have any affect.

Just so you know, the version of the game you’re running can be found in the top left corner of the screen: image

Sorry… I was on G at the time of the post. I’m on H now. I’ll level real fast and add a point and test. Be right back…

Heavy endurance is still a no go. Respe’ccd and nothing. I didnt do a full respec this time. Just a partial… Money is low now. 7.0H

Just throwing it out here that it still does not seem to be providing bonuses as of 0.7.1.

Edit: See below for before and after spending points.


Sorry for double posting, but can only have one image to a post.


Thank you for the continued reports, we’ll take another look at this one.

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