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VK build Tank + High DPS

Looking to play VK with its new Skill Anomoly? Heres a wave 90+ with more potential to come! Face Tank or kite the choice is yours with this tanky high DPS Build!

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Finally, something that is new. I’ve been waiting for something to try. Thanks!

Welcome back :slight_smile:

I noticed on your video you have Counter Attack but no point in Overwhelm for Sentinel tree. How is that possible?

I didnt even notice that, must be a bug, i must have had a point in overwhelm, but then taken them out during respec and it didnt stop me. Good catch!

I will throw it in Aegis of Renewal for now then ^^. Thanks!

If you are respeccing, try putting in overwhelm then counter attack and then take out overwhelm and see if it lets you. Its either that or i believe in patch 0.7.7 they redid the sentinel passive tree and created new links and there wasnt a link before and now there is. Thats actually more likely what it is now that i think about it.

My character is brand new and Overwhelm is required. I just don’t think 6% to counter is worth it over chance for health. At least we found something weird! My opinion like WoW when they make a major change they need a mechanic to provide a free respec for situations just like this.

Yeah its not really needed for this build, alot of the passives you can actually do anything you want with as just using the bear staff and getting as many hits/devouring orbs as possible is really all you need to do.

When the passive tree was changed with 0.7.7 the points were just moved over & the skill requirements weren’t “respected” for existing characters.

Thanks for posting this build. I took inspiration from it, changed it a bit and was able to reach arena wave 294 on my second attempt. I’d provide screenshots of the skilltrees but I don’t know how to include pictures into posts. The screenshot file size is too big to just be uploaded in the forum.

I basically dropped Rive and instead spec deep into the right side of the Anomaly skill tree which offers a very potent source of life leech. The CDRS speed node of Anomaly is currently bugged (provides 90% instead of 30%) but even when it’s fixed it won’t harm the build too much. Instead of Rive I picked Volatile Reversal as a mobility tool and to apply “increased damage over time” aswell as another form of poison stacking. I had to drop the flat resists on Devouring Orb in exchange for mana efficiency nodes to make up for the lost mana regen from Rive.
For defense I went with glancing blow, 70% dodge chance and after that as high protections as I could get. The best defense however is the careful use of Volatile Reversal combined with the 36% movespeed it provides.

Very fun to play, thanks for the idea!

yes dodge and movement speed for a build that can kite, is very powerful this patch.

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