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Visual Studio Just-in-Time Debugger (unhandled win32 exception in Last Epoch.exe [17464]

If you alt-f4 the game due to a bug or hanging, it never recovers. Always crashes in steam with this error. Have to repair all the files every time.

If a log file is generated I would be interested in seeing it (make sure it’s not the log from the previous session).

Could you try using Task Manager (ctrl+shift+esc) to force close the game instead, should it be necessary? I have used task manager to force close the game without issue personally; I don’t use alt+f4.

Where is the log?
I used task manager as well : same result. The game permanently crashes upon launch in steam.

We have a support article for finding the log here.

here’s the log after the same crash
output_log.txt (8.6 KB)

here’s one more
output_log.txt (8.6 KB)

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