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Visual Improvements Coming in Our Next Patch

Our next update, Patch 0.7.10, includes a number of changes which will improve the appearance of the game world. We’re focusing our efforts on touching up some of the oldest areas in the game so that they reach the standard of our more recent content - such as the zones found in Patch 0.7.8’s Chapter 8, and Patch 0.7.9’s Monolith of Fate.

The zones featured below are presented in the order in which you encounter them as you play through the game. The first four are from Chapter 2, while the last is from Chapter 6.

Each screenshot is in 2560x1440 resolution. You can click on an image to expand it and you can navigate between images in this view by clicking on buttons at the side of your screen.


Excited for this! Hoping the new designs don’t add to the shadows causing FPS loss issues, however.

Thanks for all the love and care you all put into this game!


Very nice!
Will this help with performance?



Seems great for the player immersion and the story telling <3


Keep up the great work That looks amazing!!! :drooling_face:

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Love it!

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Wow, some of these you might even say the difference is…ahem…

Night and day!


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Looks awesome!

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You guys really are just going balls to the wall. As an aesthetics-lover (I work in the visual arts) these look fantastic, the textures and added details, the lighting, all very atmospheric. Really awesome to see.


Wow… That looks amazing

Love the new looks!

I’m sure both are being worked on concurrently. The artists aren’t the ones doing optimization :wink:

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Looks awesome. What’s the ETA on this patch?


People ask on my YouTube Channel all the time about game visuals! Now I can show them this, again amazing work!


wow, I can’t wait for the upcoming update

Can’t wait, looks awesome!!!

Looks really good.

Looks nice. :blush: