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Visual bug of Fire shield on mirror image [Mage]

1 Create a mirror image by teleport skill. (such as UNEXPECTED COPY
2 Cast fire shield to the mirror (by PROTECTOR)
3 Fire shield’s new visual effect that casted on mirror could not see by location

Maybe we can see visual effect of fire shield onto mirror, if the mirror be in a bit of road step only.

Can you tell me about mirror stats? duration? In ur image we see fire shield decoy but do he react same as ours shield reflect fireball?

I used points for mirror …

Yes it is just Visual effect bug, so fire shield on mirror is same as our’s.


This is unrelated this visual bug.
If you think to make Fire DOT build using mirrors, I do not recommend it.

1 Base damage is low.
2 INT can scale up only spell damage, so DOT of Fire Shield do not have synergy (CIRCLE OF FLAMES etc.).
3 But, only INT can scale up mirror’s health. Non boosted mirror is too weak. often, they are killed before I cast Fire Shield for them.
4 Fire shield have 1 second Cool down time.

For example, we need at least 4 seconds if we want to cast fire shield 4 times.
So, we can not deal enough damage to enemy quickly.
In Other builds, they can deal enough damage to enemy if they have 4 seconds.

Does this happen in all areas or just here? It’s possible that the effect is clipping through the floor.

It seem happen all area.

Maybe, the FS effect on mirror (Or created mirror body?) is in slightly under positions compared with player’s one.

Fire Shield effect on mirror seem under the bridge.

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