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Visibility of Mobs

Two mobs in particular are extremely difficult to see: Headless Acolyte and Ahuizol (butchering name - the ghost/cold dogs)

The Headless Acolyte camouflages into the maps so well sometimes you can only pick out the glowing skulls they shoot.

Is there a way to make these mobs pop out a little easier? The ghost dogs could be a little less translucent and maybe the acolytes a little thicker?

One of the problems is the visibility of the character.
I wish they add something like this:

This is from Wolcen, btw


I agree. Also I find skeletons hard to see, too.

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I already complained about that in another thread, vote from me. And also what Addmiral said, trees obscuring my view or other stuff, that is always giving me panic attacks when playing HSM.

My bad I didn’t see the thread after doing a search.

Oh no, it’s not your fault for not finding it, was a thread about playing HSM, not about this particular issue. It’s good that you made this thread (hence my vote). :slight_smile:

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