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Video options "OPTION A", B, C,?

After 7.7 update on Steam last night the game starts as a window at desktop resolution. All the options under graphics have the following things on their drop downs:
Selecting the different options doesn’t change anything. The other settings categories appear normal. I verified files with Steam and it says they are OK.

We’ve encountered this issue rarely-- could you please post your log file if this is still happening? Also upload your graphics settings file. I believe deleting the settings file may help, but I’d like to see it in case something went wrong with it. Thanks!

Files are attached. I hope it helps. I will try deleting the graphics settings after this and see if that takes care of it or not.
le_graphicsmanager.ini (395 Bytes) Player.log (9.3 KB) Player-prev.log (15.4 KB)

deleted the graphics setting file. On starting the graphics settings menu is working fine now. Thanks!

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