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Very [post moderated —Sarno] thing

I dont know how to get that damn WARDEN on my basic mage tree, i respec some times but i say to invest 20 points in mage and see if that option will be able to chose after i respec.

DUT this is [post moderated —Sarno] now i cant respec my mage points because it say is basic class and u cant change points ?? REALLY ???

well is my second character mage taht make ( first i chose at lvl 30 the worng pasive) i play to test things atm i cant respect and i didnt know how to get that damn WARDEN.
i think is a shame , im more like 80 % i will delete and shit on this game , really u NEED TO TELL PEOPLE at lvl 20 u cant resepc taht damn points in basic class pffff

all becouse this shit buged game …i tryed and spend allot gold to respec and to get the damn WARDEN mastery … no i wasnt able to unlock that shit pasive mastery …very frustrating and shit thing

You seem like a welcome addition to the community. Yes you can respec both passives and skills. Yes you can get Warden in the basic mage tree. Keep leveling up and put in the 5 points you want there in Warden. You can put as many points as you want in the base mage tree. You are not limited to 20. You can also remove points in the mage tree above 20 and so on and so forth. You did not need to create another mage due to putting in a wrong passive but whats done is done.

Talk to the chronomancer in either End of Time or the Council Chambers in the Ruined era. You need to have at least 5 points in Tier 1 in the base mage class, then at least 10 points in tier 1 + tier 2, then at least 15 points total in tiers 1, 2 and 3… so how you respec is to put in more points than 20 in the mage passive tree, then take out the unwanted points/ the points you mess up on. What the game wont let you do is take away points in the lower tiers if it means not hitting those minimum numbers I explained above

Tier 1 -Put 8/8 Arcanist , 8/8 Elementalist,
Tier 2 - 1/10 reactive Ward
Tier 3 - 5/5 Mage Flurry
Tier 4 - 5/5 Warden.

Then take out 7 points in elementalist.

TLDR - Keep adding points in the different tiers. Get what you want, then remove the points you dont want. After you finish the first Act, and go to the End of Time you will get a quest upstairs to allow you to choose your mastery class and then you can put the extra points after 20 there. Or you can keep putting in points in the base mage tree if thats what you want to do.

Also…if you ever post like that again I personally wont respond. If there is an ignore feature I will put you on it. Learn to chill out. Your questions will be answered. Just ask them nicely and quit threatening to “%^&*” on the game because you dont understand something.

Sarno missed about half of the bad words lol. Spend some more time in game man. If you put 21 points in instead of 20 and put that 21 point in tier 1 you can take a point out of anywhere else on the tree. Respec till your happy. Although doesnt seem like ypur ever gunna be a happy type. Good luck in your gaming adventures

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