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Venturing Inside the Revamped Monolith of Fate

Howdy, Travelers!

It seems our latest Developer Blog, End-Game System Update: Monolith of Fate, has piqued your interest! While Judd took the opportunity yesterday to describe the upcoming changes to the Monolith of Fate, we also wanted to show you specific examples of new content.

Patch 0.7.8’s Chapter 8 set a new standard for boss fights in Last Epoch, and we’ve invested even more time into designing the boss encounters for the revamped Monolith! Four of the screenshots below feature new boss fights. Let us know which you’re most excited for!

(Click on an image to open a full-sized version in another tab.)


Canyon Stronghold

Ever wonder where potions come from? Now you know!


Dragon's Grotto

This fight features a set of dragons.


Drowned Thetima

The water seems peaceful. Don’t be deceived.


Fall of Ledria

A new destination, Ledria lies to the east of Welryn.


Rotting Hoard

A massive undead dragon, a hoard of zombies, all in a confined space.

why don’t you handle this while I wait back here?


Ruins of Solarum

The presence of Orobyss will be felt inside the Monolith.


We’ll be back tomorrow to post about something else coming in Patch 0.7.9. See you then!


Oh my gosh, just wanted to check forums for some updates, i am a clairvoyant :smiley:

EDIT: Wow the Necro-Dragon-thingy looks freakin’ amaaazing.

Pumped, keep up the great work guys, really astonishing!

Stunning. Just beautiful.


AHHHH! The lightning dragons look TOO COOL!


These all look so amazing. Really looking forward to it all. I’m particularly intrigued by the look of Ledria. It’s got the kind of gritty, hard dinginess I love in my fantasy.

1000 Mana! Well, we mortals can only dream of such Super Saiyan levels of mana. :sweat_smile:


all I can see is juggernaut stance! :stuck_out_tongue:

No honestly I’m so pumped for this patch, but got the feeling it will be right in the beginning of the week, work gonna be so slowwww

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So excited, can’t wait for next patch!

This looks really nice!

Are these new monolith bosses tied to monolith, exclusively? Or are they coming to the story, too?

Oh boy.

“Everybody’s working for the weekend~~~”
Looking forward to the news. Everything has been solid so far.

hell yeah

@Deimos169 a teen from the 80’s :slight_smile:

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That one looks most interesting to me, I imaginge tentacles occasionally coming from the pits to attack you :slight_smile: The ‘closed round arenas’ are fine, though not really interesting / novel, whether their boundies are walls / waves/ abysses. I like an environment with more varation and choices to make, rather than simply having a limited room to kite around the boss (fine for melee, unfair to ranged classes). Graphically, they all look nice though :slight_smile:

Well… I played a lot of Vice City during my college years.

Veritania vibes xD

Hopefully they add a mechanic to the twin dragon fight that you have to kill them at the same time or they resurrect. I love this kind of balancing act.