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Vale Warrior


The passive Vale Warrior in the druid passive tree doesnt seem to work.

Its supposed to give 5% physical damage per point, but on my character screen my physical damage doesnt increase.

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The Druid node Vale Warrior says “You and your minions have 5% per node increased physical damage and healing effectiveness”. I have no way of checking the healing effectiveness but the physical damage does not seem to work.

My character sheet lists bleed damage at 103. If I remove an amulet that has 40% increased physical damage and melee attack speed as it’s offensive modifiers, the bleed damage drops to 84. Attack speed should not affect that so the physical damage on the amulet increases the bleed damage.

However, applying 2 points into Vale Warrior for a supposed 10% increase made no change to the bleed damage stat. It remained at 103. Given that 40% increased the damage by 19, I would have expected a 4 or 5 point increase. Unless stats from items and the same stat from passive trees do not work the same it seems to be not working, or perhaps is only applying the increase to minions although it says “you and your minions”.

I wonder if this is a case of the character sheet not updating or the damage increase not actually working… Any chance you tried it on a dummy before and after to look at floating combat text numbers?

It took quite a lot of testing using only a weapon and basic attack (not a skill) because the bleed numbers displayed vary oddly but I believe it’s a character sheet display issue and the damage increase is being applied.

Due to the oddness of how the bleed numbers are displayed I can’t be 100% certain, but it seems very likely.

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with 0 point 360 dps
with 2 points (10%) 361 dps
and the phsycal damage stat stay the same at 67%

“there is no change for minion, pet…not working” sorry me bad english

character with 0 points

minion with 0 points

character with 2 points

minion with 2 points


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