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Using abilities when hovering over non reachable terrain

Maybe this is an already known issue but I couldn’t find any thread about it.
I’d like it if some skills would cast when I hover the mouse over terrain that I can’t move to. For example:

Void Knight:

  • Devouring Orb doesn’t cast even though it doesn’t need a target when you have the node that lets it orbit you.


  • Summon Wraith does work but places Wraiths in out of bounds areas, instead of for example the nearest reachable terrain.
  • Summon Bone Golem, Summon Skeleton Mage, Transplant and probably other skills don’t cast when the cursor is aimed at out of bounds areas. Especially with my necromancer when Transplant’s invulnerability node can be important for survival, hovering over a stone pillar or any kind of terrain in all of the minion chaos has cost my life during several arena runs.
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This is indeed an issue. And I also discovered the opposite behaviour:

Thorn totems can be cast at positions they don’t fit in. So if you have skilled that you cast all your possible totems at once they are positioned in a fix pattern. If this pattern does not fit into the terrain (e.g. in a tunnel, on a bridge, near a cliff or rock) some totems just are missing. It’s also possible to cast at a spot where no totem fits in.

Would be nice when the totems then are cast in a different pattern that fits the terrain instead. So they search the next possible position near the spot you cast them. Would be similar to your example with transplant. When the spot you cast on does not allow the action find the nearest possible position to that spot.


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