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Urzils Pride Chest Unique

The mana regen unique ability on this item is not working.

Tried having over 100% lightning resistance and no change.
Tried 0% lightning resist and no change to mana regen.

Removed all other gear other than resist items.

I just tested this and found that the increased mana regen effect is working.

However, the character sheet’s entry for mana regen doesn’t seem to update automatically. Could you try closing and re-opening the character sheet after changing your lightning resistance? If your mana regen still doesn’t change, let us know.

Thanks for the report!

Ok thanks, did some more testing and it does update on the sheet. it takes a second or two. Unfortunately the amount of lightning resistance needed and the amount of regen you get for your efforts is so small that its hardly worth the time…

Thanks for the reply anyways.