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Upgraded pc only for this game and still runs bad

I spend a fortune to upgrade my pc only for this game, and with no positive result.
My pc spec now is.
Windows 10 64 bit
Intel core i5 8400
Motherboard ASRock Z370 Pro4.
16 Gb DDR4 -2666 (1333 MHz)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8Gb DDR6 ram

The game feels like constant lagging, the town are worst. The loading time is terrible.
The game overall use a hell lot of pc power, and I honestly cant see why it should use that much, its not like its super shiny and fancy graphic. I dont know what engine you make the game on, but something must be bad in your end of this.

If the game cant run on what I have here now, then I guess it never will be running smooth.
My pc is in the high end now, and will not use more money for this game to run. I spend 1050$ wich is much in my country valuta, on graphic card and ram.
But its not a totally waste ofcause since i can now run all my games on max settings.
But this game will not be running better no matter what I do it seems.

I know you do all you can to make a great game and to make it run good, the game is great for sure, but all the atempts in patches to fix performance seems to fail, Im not an IT expert at all, but I think you have a core issue wich always will make trouble no matter what you do, if you understand what I mean. I think the game need another platform/engine or what its called to be running better.

Just wanted to let you know my thought, and show my pc spec and let you know it still dont work. So with that said, ill leave this game since I have done what I could and afford to try make it work. And wont spend more cash and time on it now since I think it will also fail as long as the game is made as it is.

Good luck with the game and hope it get a good future for some players.



First things first - as you have replaced some of your hardware, can you please confirm for me that you have specifically uninstalled the driver for your previous video card - preferably by using Display Driver Uninstaller - and then downloaded the latest RTX 2070 Super driver from Nvidia’s website and selected the Clean Install option when installing it?

If I remember correctly, you play Last Epoch at 1080p with a 60 Hz monitor. There is no reason why your computer would not be able to run the game well at that resolution and refresh rate. If we can rule out potential driver issues, I would like to investigate other potential causes of performance issues - for example, hardware overheating and then throttling, software conflicts, the game running on integrated graphics instead of your video card, looking into whether your character’s specific build is performing particularly poorly and needs to be addressed on our end, and so on. We are happy to look into this, but it will take time for us to do so.

If the issue is one of a steady low framerate, then I do believe that it is resolvable - and resolvable in a way which does not involve you spending more money. You say that you won’t spend additional money on your computer, however we haven’t asked you to - in fact, I may gently make the point that we didn’t previously suggest this to you, either.

It would help a lot if you could provide a more detailed description of the issue, as I am not certain whether the problem is a consistently low framerate, stuttering, performance which starts out okay and gets worse over time, or another issue. “Lagging” is an umbrella term - and unfortunately it isn’t specific enough to inform our troubleshooting efforts.

If you aren’t certain what the issue is, the first step of identifiying it would be to open the game and tap the F11 key to display the framerate. Playing for a few minutes and monitoring this would give us more information. What numbers are you seeing? Is it consistent? Does it change dramatically based on what you are doing in-game? Does it start off high and then gradually decrease? Does it periodically shoot down super low, then recover?

While I am here, I would also like to address a couple of the points you have made.

One way games are optimized is through the use of profilers, which analyze the frametime - how much time it takes to create each frame - and report on why it took that long. We look at how much of that time was spent on lightning, how much time was spent on AI, and so on. This necessitates running profilers with as many different hardware configurations as possible (e.g. testing with both an i9-9900k and RTX 2080 Ti, and an FX-6300 & R9 270) to see where bottlenecks exist across both higher-end and lower-end hardware configurations.

It also necessitates running profilers in many different zones, while playing as many builds as possible. After releasing patches we’ve seen reports of FPS literally being doubled for some people, while for others there was no significant difference. This can be due to either the work specifically optimizing particular settings, work focusing on improving very specific parts of the game code (Damage Over Time, for example), or addressing an issue with a particular hardware architecture. There will never be a single patch which fixes all performance issues for all people - and this is true of not just Last Epoch, but of all games.

As with any other aspect of game development, optimization is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. I’m not sure if you are aware, but Last Epoch was funded on KickStarter in May of last year. It has been in development for much less time than some other games you play, and this means we have had less time to investigate and resolve causes of performance problems. To say that, because we have not in a few months achieved what other, larger teams have achieved in a couple of years suggests we will never achieve it is not exactly fair.

I personally play Last Epoch at 1440p with a Ryzen 7 1700 (upgrading to a 3900X soon), Vega 56, and 32 GB of RAM. Both your CPU and GPU generally perform better than mine in games, so if I can play at 1440p, I am quite certain that we can get you going at 1080p. :slight_smile:

If it’s a framerate issue, something is artificially lowering it - we can figure that out and address it. If it’s stutter, then it’s likely some kind of conflict. Again, once we have more information, I am confident that we’ll be able to track it down and resolve it.

Ill come back with further information when I have the time, but i can tell after i got my new stuff, I reinstalled my windows from new all things deletet in the process so its all new drivers and no old ones laying around, it is a complete fresh pc.

Now i have tryed testing it a bit. What it feels like when playing is like small scratches all the time wich sometimes can be fixed with vertical sync, but in this case it dosnt make a different.

When I play my framerate is between 110 and 130 without vertical sync. If I turn on vertical sync on the framerate raises to be between 155 and 162.

In both cases the game feels like scratching in picture. When im in town the framerate drops to between 70 and 85.

When i load to new zone the framerate drops to 9-12 and start up low and raises to the number written above.

Havent tryed in places really crowded with monsters. its seems like when fighting dosnt have have a huge impact on framerate, but sometimes when moving the framerate lower with 8-10.

And when using mercant the framerate also drop 8-10.

I dont know what a good framerate is. But I cant play it in the way it is now because these scratches is irritating to play with and to watch.

Hope this information is usefull.


Hi again,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I’d been speaking with members of our team regarding your reported FPS with Vertical Sync enabled and disabled, as from what you’ve told us there’s likely to a bug there - and we had been curious whether addressing the bug would have a significant effect on performance. It’s now looking like this isn’t the case, so I’m happy to proceed with troubleshooting normally without that being a distraction.

I find it interesting that your FPS is low when first entering a zone, and then gradually improves as you are in that zone for longer. One thing I’m wondering is whether a component is seeing higher temperatures during loading screens, throttling to get cooler, and then gradually raising clock speeds as the temperature improves. Overheating would usually be associated with the inverse of this observation, but if loading screens are the issue then it could still be the cause.

There is a free program called HWMonitor, which is available here. There is also a paid ‘Pro’ version, however this isn’t necessary. Could you please use the Setup button to download HWMonitor, install it on your system, and then run HWMonitor and have it open in the background while you play the game? Ideally playing normally - entering both towns and other zones, experiencing a few loading screens, and so on - so that the temperatures reported by HWMonitor will be representative of how the game performs on your system.

Here is an example of a screenshot of HWMonitor showing the temperature information;

While it isn’t possible upload images to our website directly, they can be upload to Imgur and linked to from a forum post. A direct link (ending in .jpg or .png usually) will embed like my own screenshot above, but an ordinary link would also be fine.

Great suggestion ill try that when I have the time for it maybe next week and then get back with the result. I was wondering why I didnt hear anything, but its :slight_smile:

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