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Updating Our Log in Screen and Loading Screens

Our art team have been working on updates for our log in screen and loading screens!

Log In Screen

Last Epoch’s current log in screen uses some of our oldest art. As much as we love this art, we believe that some of our more recent art is more detailed and better represents the current version of Last Epoch. The new art features the city of Welryn!

While we were working on the log in screen, we added a Settings button to it. You no longer need to log into the game in order to access and make changes to your settings.

The current iteration of our new log in screen.


A variation we have been experimenting with


Loading Screens

We also wanted to update the art used by our loading screens. It’s going to take time for us to create enough art, however we’ll be gradually introducing newer art into the pool of images available for the game to use as laoding screens over time.

We have also been making some small tweaks to the design of our loading screens to make them more visually interesting. I should note that the preview below includes a logo variant which we will not be moving forwards with as we continue to iterate internally.

Ornamentation on the center of the border is one of the additions in our updated design.


Ooo these look really nice! I kinda like the login screen variation more than the top one.

I was thinking the exact same thing. It just doesn’t look as good when its so dark.

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Looks nice :slight_smile:

The art certainly looks better. But I dont find it representative enough of LE to be a login screen. Then again, I’m sure something epic will float up as you guys come up with more art :wink:

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those look sick

edit; do you have the art as wallpapers on 1080p?

Really loving these! It does feel more polished and “pro” than the more basic ones. Also, somehow also adds to the immersion and is more on par on what to expect inside the game later. It looks likes slowly, the graphic side of the game is beginning to emerge.
Keep up with this kind of great work!!!

nice stuff. 1 step at a time, updates like these makes the game feel a lot more like a coherent package


Exactly my thoughts, the power of small tiny steps is quite incredible!

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