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Updated SpellBlade Shatterstrike Build

Here’s an updated build for the previous 1000+ wave spellblade, It took some hard hits


I don’t even use Shatter strike. It’s great don’t get me wrong but right now I test a back to the roots build and only use Mana Strike so far. Sure I don’t use the second half of the mastery with it but converting all mana gains into ward is pretty potent. Everything else is cluttered with defensive stuff.
The dmg is pretty weak but the ward gains are pretty good at arround 56 per hit per enemy from the skill alone without any passives. But I need to tweak a lot of stuff still ^^. On top of that my “From scratch” Druid run interfeers big time :D.
Good video keep it comin ^^.

Golems do need turning down a bit, the cone fire attack IMO is out of control, the warning is minimal, and the cone is just massive in how wide it is and distance it reaches, in tight spaces you may aswell just stand there and die.