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Updated necromancer build?

Hi fellow necromancers, have searched a bit but don’t see any updated necromancer build after 0.7.8 patch.
Anyone willing to share? :wink: :innocent:

Hmm… I think theres not really that much that has to be updated.

The minion skills did only get tweaked a bit (Archmage got a bit if a buff).

I have to admit that the golem did get a decent buff. The node that should generate aggro and makes them bigger got fixed. He’s a monster magnet now, really good.

The new items give some nice bonuses (e.g. helmet with implicit minion stats).

Talked with @Thyworm recently and he stated that his necro still is intact and mostly the same. So using his old guide would probably be viable.

Regarding passives I am not sure if it’s worth to invest in the ward nodes. It could provide a small amount of survivability, but it’s far weaker than before.

The Acolyte tree got altered a bit. But I don’t think there could go wrong that much if you stick as close to the guide as you can.


Thanks for the reply!!
To be honest i am a little disappointed as i expected that necro would get some more love in this patch.
Let’s hope they get more in the following ones.

Hey Mathew, and thanks @RawSuicide!
it’s mostly intact indeed. I think i’ll just create another necromancer at some point, with a bone golem probably. They fixed the taunt, which is kinda nice. I’m streaming the new necro tonight on if you’re interested.


Indeed it is a nice helm. Got one to drop. Added my affixes and what fun it is raising the dead to fight for me now.

Indeed I’d like to see some necro changes. In the first place I really liked the playstyle. It’s very similar to D2 Necro. Standing in the back and let your minions do the work. But now that I tried all other classes Necro feels a bit boring. Nothing to do really besides running around to not getting hit. Trying to find some synergies between active skills and minions. But there aren’t that many (there are some but they are not really impactful). As soon as you don’t rely on the damage of your minions its obsolete to choose necro mastery.


That’s summoners for you (IMO)… Though if there could be more synergies between the summons & the necro’s spells, that would be nice (as an option, to allow hybrid summoner/caster builds).

have missed the streaming!!
When is next?

Which build were they talking about, the working from home one?

i think that is the one they are talking about.
I would love to see and updated version of that with golems as their aggro handling is much better now.

I kinda want to play a summonner where I just summon one type and buff them as much as possible, so kinda like playing multiplayer as a support character. I want to cast curses, cast buffs, heals, etc.

I also wish we get an ability to turn enemies’ corpse into minions, like Summon Spectre from PoE.

For this case I may have a suggestion.

Currently I try to make a death seal golem build work. Maybe it won’t be in the top 10 ladder, but for me it’s fun to play right now.

Concept is revolving around death seal being cast on your golem. For this build you need to master Lich for DS. The golem gets a lot of survivability with death seal and if it dies you recast it. So you don’t need minion stats on gear besides a bit of health and/or dodge.

At level 76 I got to wave 95 with not optimised gear.

I tried maxing necrotic damage for DS and hungering souls as well as max poison damage with plague bearer and wandering spirits. The last route has some more damage potential with the poison damage.

But all routes work the same. Summon golem, cast DS on him and let him fight the enemies. You just have to be aware when he dies to resummon him in time. But he can take a lot of damage and tank 3 siege golems at once for a decent amount of time. Recasting him next to a dead golem gives +8000 armor and protections so the 2nd one you summon will be even tankier. And due to the taunt now working correctly he I’ll aggro all enemies around.

You can support the golem also with mark for death and/or spirit plague to chill, slow and reduce damage of enemies.

Damage output with DS is really good, even in the golem.


very interesting the death seal golem build!!
It is viable as necromancer you think?

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Nope. You only have access to DS as a Lich. The Golem only is the vessel for your DS and needs no damage. Skeletons are not used. So you won’t miss anything from Necro Mastery.