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Updated 100% crit 100% uptime werebear Build

Here’s Patch 0.7.7d update to the 100% uptime 100% crit Werebear Druid, with small changes to entangling roots this build remains viable for 100% uptime and small nerf to defenses its still super tanky.

Just FYI @boardman21 At about 12:39 in the video, at least for me, the video goes black and sound stops, and seems to be like that for the next 8 minutes.

Yes I didnt close the editing software and I made 3 videos today so they all took the length of the forst video. I’ll make a note as a thumbnail that its over.

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Played with this build and your full tanky build love both can’t decide which one i like better. Boardman - out of all primalist builds what is your favourite?

Beastmaster 5 wolves with scorpion and baby scorpaians. If the bear had cubs that would replace scorpion in a heartbeat

OK decided to do this one first as I want a 100% bear build. I noticed you are using all rares so I’m assuming these are crafted? Would be nice to see what goes into that. I know you have some basics on crafting in our introductory video but would be nice to see something more detailed as to how to craft end game pieces. Thanks for all you do :smiley:

Gambler. I gamble each piece until i get a least 2 affixes of at least tier3 that i need, then craft on it.

Ah OK now I get it. Thanks for the info.

What affixes are needed for this build? Hate to be a pain but still a noob.

Bumping this as I edited my last post which I’m sure you didn’t see. Another question as well? Do I have to be a very level to get higher level items from the gambler?


well you have to be at least the items level requirement in order to get the piece. Ex. lvl 76 oracle amulet, you must be at least lvl 76 to have a chance to get it.
Tier 5 drops start at lvl 81
As for affixes, if your going defense, on jewerly put set elemental resist and then either vitality or set dodge is also really powerful. Suffixes put as many resist as you can. Shield/chest/helm/belt get % increased armour and prots. Put vitality everywhere you can spare.

Thanks bro you’re the best!

Boardman, of all the classes you have played, which do you think has the highest DPS?

For 1 seconds or consistently for long periods of time? Meteor and focus hit the hardest and can 1 shot enemies. Werebear is the lowest. Shaman avalanche with all its totems ATM does the most consistant high damagae

Do you have a guide for the Shaman build?

Was loking at highest consistent damage - that is interesting never expected that with SHaman - now I have to play one

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