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Upcoming Enemy Preview: Necropolis Scavengers

Today we’d like to show you a preview of an enemy we’re working on!




The Necropolis Scavengers are pitiful yet frightening to behold, their undead bodies neglected compared to the Empire’s military. Where soul magic effortlessly maintains the forms of other undead, the weak amount present in the Necropolis Scavengers results in them having to bind their bones together with string, cloth, whatever scraps they can find - including the remains of other undead. By sharing the remnant soul magic they ease their need. It is not uncommon to find Necropolis Scavengers that appear almost like a mass of skulls and limbs bound by cloth, as they have huddled together to share soul magic only to lose their individuality.

The filth and neglect of their forms have attracted other scavengers, rats and gathering around their bodies and even dwelling within whatever cavities they can find, the contamination of soul magic waste extending their own lives beyond the limits of death as well.


I’m looking forward to seeing it moving :smiley_cat:

Looks like a cross between a chimeara, industrial pollution and modern art.


Spot on :rofl:

Soo creepy and strange. I love it! :smiley:

Wow, very cool!

it looks great btw! What about their abilities?

Looks like a one ball scrotum nailed to a skeleton with a big ammount of metal.

Looks cool! Can’t wait to see it in-game!

Thats fucking disgusting lol

Edit: Jesus christ there is a face on the first picture

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It is beautiful!

Definitely a walking scrotum.

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Spooky, but cool! What kind of attacks does it use? Does it peck at us? Does it use tail swipe to stab us with its sword butt? Does it fire necrotic spells at us?

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Necropolis Scavanger weaknesses: A swift kick to the nut…

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Now I want to imagine such a pet. I promise that I will feed him and walk three times a day.:grin:

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