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Unstable FPS, even when sitting in town

My experience with this game started very positive, but once I reached the end of time, I had to start dropping my graphics settings, eventually everything down to “very low”.
Even so, I still experience periodic and sustained drops in framerate, from 80-100 fps down to 14-16fps even when sitting in End of Time, doing nothing.
This continues for 20-30 seconds, before it climbs back up.

This also happens in “the field” which has repeatedly gotten me killed, when the game turns in to a slideshow, making the game pretty much unplayable.

I’ve attached my dxdiag, which shows that I am running an I7 8th gen processor, 16GB ram, SSD and an RTX2080 Q-max GPU.

Even with an unoptimised game engine, I should still be able to brute force it. I do not have these issues with any other game in my library.

Windows and drivers are fully updated, and I have profiled the game, via task manager, which showed me that memory/disk/cpu use never reaches unmanagable levels.

Given the periodic nature of the drops in fps, and that turning settings down does not help, I am inclined to think that it is not related to the rendering (as GPU utilization never exceeds 40%), and that the problem lies elsewhere in the game loop, perhaps in the Unity garbage collection.

DxDiag.txt (156.1 KB)

If you restart the game, do you come back with full fps and then as you play longer and longer it drops down?

Which skills are you using?

I have attempted restarting, and re-installing the game. The game starts off with high fps, then drops down suddenly for 20-30 seconds, then climbs back up. This cycle repeats itself over and over again, but unpredictably.

As I mentioned in my OP, This happens when I am sitting idle in town(not using any skills), or out in a map.

I know this might seem silly but some skills are actually doing work behind the scenes even when you aren’t using them. It’s supposed to be extremely minimal, like a single check that computers from decades ago wouldn’t blink at but I was just checking in case one of those things might have gone wrong or a strange combination was causing problems.

But if this happens with a brand new character without moving at all, it’s very unlikely.

Do you have a software VPN? Are you maintaining focus on the program (not alt-tabbing)?

We could use the output log files to maybe see something. I’m on mobile so getting the exact path is tough. It’s available at

This is a very strange one so I’m kinda grasping at straws to find something.


Hang on, does that mean you’re away from your computer??? Did you push through the cold turkey?

That’s fair.
The skills I have on my bar:
Transplant (Q)
Death Seal(W)
Death Mark(E)
Wandering Spirits®

Move (LMB)
Rip Blood(RMB)

No vpn, and I’m maintaining focus on the window.

I’ll try to find the Logs when I get back in front of the computer myself, but given the non deterministic, but cyclical nature of this issue, my money is on unity garbage collection.

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Here are the logs you asked for.Player.log (52.3 KB) Player-prev.log (45.6 KB)

And my graphics ini filele_graphicsmanager.ini (505 Bytes)
I will also point out that I am seeing screen tearing, despite v-sync being on, and z-fighting in the End of Time, and particle effects from smashing doodads, seems to tank the framerate too.

Yeah, I noticed the same thing when being idle in town. I think this was for all characters I had (one of each type).