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Unique support lacking compared to other classes?

Looking at the unique list, other than amulet slots, and some druid shapeshifting stuff, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of unique/set support for Primalist.

  • Shaman has almost nothing, with no totem and cold/lightining uniques usually more suited to Mage or Acolyte.
  • Druid has some shifter gear and some unreliable boots (not a big fan of shifting playstyle or cheesing perma-shift though, so I haven’t played with ti much).
  • Beastmater has Fang/Claw (obviously) and not much else (almost all other “minion” gear is heavily slanted towards fire/cold necros, and it’s tough to get our beasts to scale cold damage).

Are there other uniques that are good that I am missing?

Yeah, the game needs more uniques to support playstyles/skills. The Sentinel doesn’t have much in the way of specific support either, though it can benefit from all of the ignite uniques.

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