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Unique items suggestion thread

Hey everyone, so i asked devs about adding new uniques in game and was answered they’ll definitely add them in future, thus i decided to create a thread for us to share ideas about new uniques could be added. Also i think it’s good place to post about nerfing/buffing current uniqs as well. I’ll start with some ideas ofc, feel free to tell if my format of offering is bad and suggest your own.
Note: numbers/names will be totally random and are up to devs to balance for sure. Personally i will keep at suggesting endgame items, just love it more xD

                            **Armor/Shield Section**


10% Less Health
20% Increased Movement Speed
You have +2 Base Physical Damage Per Point in Ephemeral Stance Tree

3% of Damage is Leeched as Life
+250-350 to Elemental Protection
5-10% Reduced Block Chance
Warpath Drains 5-7 Less Mana
Warpath Hasn’t Reduced Chance to Apply Ailments on Hit

Body Armor:

  • Stark Winter

15% More Cold Damage
Chills Nearby Enemies
Every 5 Seconds Triggers Glacier At Random Location
You Have 33% Less Fire Protection
You Have 15% Less Life Regeneration

  • The Grizzly

15% Increased Health
+10-15 to Strength
Stuns Applied to Enemies by You Have Triple Duration
Stuns Applied to You Have Double Duration

  • The Universe
    Should has black/dark blue colored theme

25-50 Increased Base Spell Damage
-100 to Health
5-10 Added Intelligence
Every 10 Seconds Casts Black Hole for 2 Second in Random Location Near You*
*Black Hole Casted Uses Appropriate Skill Tree if Possible

  • Bane Bringer
    New base type - Labradorite Armor “+100-200 to All Protections”

+15-25 Health Regen Per Second
Nearby Enemies Lose 200-300 Poison Protection
Nearby Enemies Deals 10% Less Damage
You Can Deal Only Poison and Bleed Damage Over Time


  • Rigid Avenger

15-25 Increased Movement Speed
15-25 Increased Attack Speed
You Lose 4% Maximum Life Per Attack Using Vengeance
Vengeance Has 20% More Attack Speed
Triples Effect of Blade Assault Node

  • The Castling

25 Increased Movement Speed if You Haven’t Been Hit Recently
10% Chance to Receive a Glancing Blow
50 Increased Movement Speed for Your Minions
Minions Take 15% Less Void, Necrotic and Poison Damage
You Take 7% More Void, Necrotic and Poison Damage


  • Worthstream

5% Increased Damage Taken
15% Increased Movement, Attack and Cast Speed
25% Increased Chance to Find Gold
15% Increased Chance to Find Runes and Glyphs

  • Mind Shredder

15-20% Increased Melee Attack Speed
Harvest Has Effect of “Elements of Death” Node
Harvest Has 50% Chance to Shred Necrotic Protection on Hit

  • Should be on new similar base but with 5-15 Increased Attack Speed

100-200 Added Armor
100-200 Added Elemental Protection
100-200 Added Void Protection
100-200 Added Necrotic Protection
Juggernaut Stance Does Not Reduce Your Attack Speed
You Have 30% Less Critical Strike Chance While in Juggernaut Stance

                        **Jewelry Section**


+150-200 Health
+300 Armour
You Regenerate 5% of Maximum Life Per Second
20% Reduced Movement, Attack and Cast Speed

30-50% Increased Damage
You Regenerate 15 Mana Per Second
You Have 5% Additional Base Critical Strike Chance
You Have 10% Additional Chance To Receive a Critical Strike

  • The Parasite
    New base: Blood Amulet. “+5-10 Health Regen Per Second”

75-100% Increased Health Regeneration
+100-150 to Stun Avoidance
You Lose 25% More Life From Draining Effects
Marrow Shards Have “Bone Knives” Node
Marrow Shards Chains 1 Time and Cant Fork (create splinters)
+3 Additional Projectiles to Marrow Shards

So i’ve tested Harvest bleed build with Taste of blood and got big clear speed/dps problems even with good gear, therefore i gonna post this unique ammy that may help with this.

+80-120 Dodge Rating
+10-15 Health Regen Per Second
Harvest Cannot Be Evaded
Harvest Deals 25% More Damage Over Time
Harvest Never Deals Critical Strikes


  • Manavoid

You can wear only one Manavoid ring.

15-20% Increased Mana
+5 Base Mana Regeneration
Your Ward is Always Zero
You Cast “Voidquake” Every Time You Lose 15% of Maximum Mana
You Gain 200 Life When Reach Full Mana
Voidquake is a series of small void explosions around a characted with mediocre damage.

I’ll shortly explain a purpose if this ring - it’s for melee life-based proc build that will lose mana fast enough and can restore it also fast enough. Skill like Warpath
should work perfectly here combined with smth to restore mana.

  • The Opalescence

You can wear only one The Opalescence ring.

25-50% Increased Minion Damage
50% Reduced Spell Damage
-4 Seconds to Cooldown of Wandering Spirits
Wandering Spirits Reveal 25% More Frequently
Wandering Spirits Have “Spectral Putrescence” Node

Also i’d like to see devs opinion how to collapse all suggestions, should we create 1 post per suggestion or keep all in one post.


Don’t know if these already exists, if it does…ignore, also no base type

“Endless Loyalty”

  • 50% less summon limit of Skeletons. Skeletons deal 25% less damage
  • Automatically resummon a Skeleton every (1-2) seconds

“Void Beacon”

  • When using Devouring Orb you summon (3) per cast
  • When you have a Devouring Orb active drain (1% hp) per active orb per second

“Phantom Hammers”

  • Hammer Throw will release another hammer (40%) of the time after hitting a target from the location
  • Hammer Throw can target you at 10% of the damage and can spawn another hammer

This one looks very interesting if there will be some good “on summon” procs in future, like proccing Bone Nova on summon.
About Phantom Hammers i can only say it’ll be very hard to balance self damage coz crits can go high and you’ll kill urself pretty quickly.

edit: I accidentally posted over this post

It’s so hard coming up with unique ideas that aren’t ripped straight out of Path of Exile or Grim Dawn etc :frowning:

I’d love to see a gladiator themed helmet that makes it so you can’t wear chest armor, but thats in Path of Exile already.

I already love this thread. :smile:


Thanks for kind words, Mox, I will keep all my ideas in first post, will update every 2-3 days!

There is nothing bad if any mechanic will be same like in Poe or GD, this game is already unique and better than Poe imo. Every grinding game takes something from other games of such genre, it’s ok. Just throw your ideas and let the devs to decide :sunglasses:
Sometimes pursuit of uniqueness makes things much worse than replaying of something.

More, also im not good at finding downsides unless an item makes a skill so overtuned. Some uniques in PoE have no downsides.

Been playing Sentinel mainly

“Holy Aura procs after 2 hits instead of 6 on 1 target”

“Holy Aura’s (damage node cant remember name) now causes all monsters in range to take Holy Fire damage once per second” - 50% damage

“Vengeance procs your retaliation on each hit” on a Shield - prob 30% less attack speed as this now does 3 hits each time

“Rebuke is used 25% of the time when hit” on a Shield - takes bonus from skill tree

“If you have NOT damaged an enemy recently with Aura of Decay, you have 300% health regeneration OR Aura of Decay does 80% less damage” - my first character was AoD Lich which I have given up twice due to AoD damaging me too much and having to turn it off constantly. I tried again with 80hp regen and 65% poison res but still cannot sustain without hitting a mob. I cant stand switching it on/off over and over

Im not a fan of items fixing skills but with AoD I cant see a way to enjoy the skill like RF in PoE…maybe thats not what you are going for but for me AoD has become harder to sustain the more damage ive gotten even with leech to the point im not going to touch it for a while

Hey, thanks for sharing. If you are not against we could format your ideas and put in in my post for better reading. I like ideas about ctc when struck/in striking especially. I tried aod also, it needs over 300hp regen per second to sustain now. But i’ve a couple ideas for it here, check uniqs with flat regen.

You can reformat it. no worries

Newspaper of Submission

If you carry this item you have two options:

Basic- Unfold: Your pets behave like they always do.
Toggle- Wrapped up: You pets learned to fear the wrapped up newspaper and won’t attack enemys untill you unfold the Newspaper.

Having this item in your inventory creats a pressable button besides your buffbar you can wrap or unwrap instantly without any CD.

Nice job for these unique item idea :slight_smile: I would like to be as good as you to put idea in a clean way but i’m not very confident ^^.
That said i would like to talk about Stark Winter , the trigger spell could be the primalist avalanche and i think it would be less visually intruisive .

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Hey, thanks, i just put random ideas with random numbers, i have a lot only bcoz i’m 8 years long Diablo2 modmaker and made many things in balance, uniqs, skills etc for this game. It was gold time hehe. So now i brought some ideas of my past to this game, hopefully they will be useful. Just throw your ideas here, no fear :stuck_out_tongue:
Ye there can be any cold skill in Stark Winter.

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