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Unique item: <Strands of Souls>

Hi there!

I am trying to grap this beauty since days… but i don’t really know, where to farm it.
According to lastepochtools and tunklab, this one doesn’t drop randomly nor can be gambled.
So there has to be a specific boss that drops it, correct? :roll_eyes:

Anybody had success on that Unique and can tell me, where it drops?
Thanks in advance! :+1:

If i am not mistake it can drop from any MoF boss.

I definitely did get it from the Abomination once(empowered lvl 100), i am not sure about the level requirement though, i would assume it only can drop at empowered timelines and the 90 and 100 timeline, since the item is lvl 82.

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Thanks bud!

Will try farming Abomination also… cause this timeline is by far the fastest! :wink:

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Yeah that’s true, do take my statement with a little bit of caution though, i might be wrong on that, but i am pretty sure my only strand of souls dropped from that boss so far.

Maybe some1 with more than 1 single drop could give another statement about that.

I t just thought it might be an “any” boss drop, because all MoF bosses have 2 guaranteed drops as far as i know (for abo it’s the ring and the chest) and that’s why i thought maybe that belt is just a random addiotional drop that can drop anywhere.

Anyway, if you are doing that, make sure to do it as the empowered timeline(lvl 100)

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Best way to farm it is by doing empowered abomination


It only drops from the empowered monolith end bosses (Abomination, Rahyeh & Lagon) as far as I’m aware.

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Ah yeah, that would make sense to, as some sort of “additional” possible drop from their other loot pool.

Than my assumption was half true at least.


Also drops from Emperor of corpses


So basically from all “level 100” bosses currently available?

That’s a pattern at least^^

I got mine from Abomination as it seemed I had to do less timelines to get to the boss = faster runs and the mobs seemed easier for my build.

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