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Unique armor, Exsanginous, not providing 15% of missing life as ward

Exsanginous doesn’t provide the 15% of missing life as ward per second.

Not checking if the 15% is precisely accurate because figuring that out is annoying, but at a glance, it’s been working fine here since 0.7.0. (You should start seeing your life drain down and gain ward at the same time when you put it on.)

That it does. However, sitting with low health that should produce approximately 90 ward per second it takes about 8 sec to recoup 80 ward. Perhaps I don’t fully understand the mechanic but it doesn’t appear to be giving the 15% per second.

Are you recouping it from 0, or from somewhere in the middle? If you’re starting from max life and zero ward and standing there doing nothing, your ward will go up fastest somewhere near the halfway point.

The gain would be slow at first since you have a lot of life (and therefore not much missing health), and slow again when you have low life and a lot of ward, because it has to overcome the ward decay.

I just timed it on myself and it takes ~20sec to go from 280 to 380, but ~35sec to go from 0 to 385.

This isn’t entirely precise (neither logically nor mathematically), but this should get you close to seeing if things are right:

(StabilizedWard*.4)/1+WardRetention) = WardDecayPerSecond
(My life, when calculated like this, is off by 3.44.)

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