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Undisputed Mechanics Questions

The Line “Increased physical damage for each recent melee hit” anything with the tag melee, count as hit? procs count as melee hit (anything with tag “melee” count for the increased physical damage?)? Like Indomitable node from rive ?

And the line “Recent” refers to the past 4 seconds ?

If i use an aoe attack with warpath or rive, all enemies will take increased physical damage from the Unique and will stack with subsequent attacks?

Against bleeding enemy, so, first apply bleed, so, only my second attack will start to stack the increased physical damage? or the first attack count as bleed aplying, and count as a first hit?

As you said, you first need to apply any amount of bleed stacks to an enemy (one would be enough for this particular effect)
Then each continued hit does give you the bonus.

Each hit on any enemy that already has at least 1 bleeding stack gives this unqiue’s buff. Just handle them as “stacks” (one stack being 10% increased damage in this case) and your “max stacks” would be 20 stacks.
Each of those stack has a seperate timer and does not refresh on further hits. But with faster hits(e.g. Warpath) or hitting multiple enemies at once you get multiple stacks very quickly or even at once.

But i think you don’t got the proper implementation of this mechanic:

This is not how it works.

You are just dealing increasing amount of physical damage globally until the buff runs out.
So the “bonus damage” is not against certain enemies, that’s just a buff that you get, if you can “earn” it.

Yes recent is always in the last 4 seconds.
You also can pres and hold alt while hovering over the item. On most affixes you will get additional information, like in this case it says “Recent means in the past 4 seconds”

Basically (almost) everything in this game that is not a DoT, “hits”.
In your example with the rive not i assume that would not work, since the wave is a external source of damage and i am pretty sure it is not counted as “melee”, even though its physical

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ahh gotcha, (yep, im aiming for 100 % bleed chance, just to make sure (thinking about investing in bleed chance, but i dont know, maybe will not worth)

So this give will give me 10 % inc.phys damage per stack, for me (i tought it was a debuff on each enemy, so the enemy will take 10% inc.phys damage per “stack”), thank you for clarifying this, so, the buff dont refresh, each have a separate timer… hummm, would require pretty insane attack speed to reach even 100 increased physical damage, right?
I was trying to make a build around that unique, but seems uniques start to fall off in end game, or after level 70… maybe, thank you for helping me on this.

obs: i dont know how to quote, :sweat_smile:, how i can quote just some paragraphs, how i can quote some parts, not the entire text?

Thank you @Heavy for taking the time to elaborate a really good answer and helping me on that kinda of “detailed mechanics” of this unique, really helped understanding this unique better.

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Highlight the text you want to quote (using your mouse) and you’ll then see a "Quote button appear above the selected text. Pressing this places the quoted text in the reply window automatically. The preview of your reply shows if you did it correctly or not.


Thank you dear @AndrewTilley


I would say it’s the oppisite, this uniques start to shine in the endgame.
Affixes on this items are pretty synergizstic.(Attack speed + bleed chance and mediocre base damage).
I never really tried to make any use of it, since i generally avoid ailment build. But IF i would use it i probably would go for Vengance or Warpath on Sentinel(which both can get ridiculous attack speed) or some Primalist with Leap + Swipe Attack speed nodes.(Just to give you some ideas). Not sure how familar you are with the game yet.

Ailments are crazy endgame, especially since they stack, you can apply more then 1 stack per hit with more than 100% chance and scale of their base damage(in this case % physical damage for bleed damage)

No Problem, that’s what the forum is here for.
I hope i got you some inspiration and feel free if so, share the results of any kind of build, if you achieved anything notable. (since i won’t do it myself very heavily (no pun intended), as i usally don’t mess around much with ailments)

Or just hit quote on a reply, then stick [/quote] (needs to be on the line below or it won’t work, which is odd) & some extra lines after the bit you want to quote & [quote] on the line above the next bit you want to quote.

Edit: Which probably sounds a bit more complicated than it is. One could just quote someone else that’s done it to see how it works…