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Unable to put Skills on the Skill bar on My Mage

Teleport and Arcane Ascendance are not even showing on the specializations list and they don’t show when you click on on a skill slot. I am unable to slot them.

0.7.8 included a passive respec due to the changes made, which would make you lose access to those skills. Have you re-allocated your passives?

Yes and one of the skills I can’t put on the bar had no changes made. Like I said the 2 skills I mentioned don’t even show up on the specialization list. Teleport was not changed and I can’t slot it lol

I’m not experiencing this problem. Could you post screenshots of your passive trees and skill window to a site like and link them here?

A log file could help too.

Ah no looks like my mistake sry to bother you

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