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Ultimate freezing shaman

Here’s the build video for the ultimate freeze totem avalnche casting shaman


I like it. I"m gonna give it a shot. Thanks.

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I hated totems builds, but this one is actually very fun, fast, and does good damage. I actually want to play it more, defintely going to optimize the gear this weekend and push it high in the arena.

Crazy good build objectivly. Personaly I dislike such builds this looks like something GGG came up with for a speedclear meta ^^. With enough manareg this build can kill everything while walking by. What do you mean when you say “Keybind our thorns, keybind our avalanch”? They have already been keybinded ^^. You just click them so they go off or is this a macro thing?

Key bind means num lock or auto cast. Just like in d3. Macro is banned in this game. It is not a macro.

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Have question. Spelldamage on items scale with totem dmg or only spell totem damage?

For totem spell damage you need increases to minion spell damage affixes

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