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UI feedback


A few quick observations and suggestions.

Accessing a vendor requires 2 clicks and mouse movement to a menu. I understand that this is probably in place to give vendors future dialogue. Perhaps give us the option to click while holding some key to directly access shop inventory. As it is now, and even in the future, it will just feel like extra clutter making me wonder why it is there.

All inventory interaction seems to require the mouse to have zero movement. This makes rapidly moving and clicking “miss”. This makes things like vendoring or equipping/moving multiple items feel unresponsive.

The keybind to close all windows also opens up the main menu. This can lead to opening the main menu in combat. It is common to see the close all keybind placed somewhere convenient, such as the space bar.

Just a few things I’ve written down to keep track of. Cant trust the goldfish brain to remember them. If i come across anything else in the future, ill be sure to add it.

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