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Typos and Mispellings

Please report any typos or misspellings you’ve found here

It’s helpful to include:

  • detailed description of where you found the typo
  • screenshot link of the typo
  • version number of the game client where the typo was found

Hi, I found one on the Acolyte/Necromancer tree. I am playing the Alpha build
The skill Reaper’s Reward description says “Your have x…” It needs a -r :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report! You’re correct that we need to change Your to You. :slight_smile:

Howdy, Got a couple for you both under the skill specs for Wandering Spirits. Presence has an extra S and Existence has an A, Daunting Presence and Tethered Existence nodes. Beta0.7.0D


and here is the picture for Daunting Pressence. It would only let me put in one picture at a time :slight_smile: (Both of these are under Lich’s skills specializations

After completing the lance quest from Grael and fighting Yrun he says quite a bit, but in the last sentence there is a typo. The typo is this: “You’re obviously capable, and I’ll need I can get.” I can’t add the screenshot for some reason it won’t take a .jpg as an upload. I’m running the latest version on Steam, 0.7.6c.

Judgement is missing the word “ground” in the second paragraph - after consecrated and before take.

The Paladin’s passive Redemption (top right of the tree) has misspelled effectiveness as effictiveness:

Missing letter on idol affix description. It says “incread” instead of “increased”.

The Reinforce Armor node in Forge Strike tree says “casted”.

The Flawless Defender node in the Forge Guard talent tree calls (what i assmume is) Block Protection>Block Armour.
On top of that, the whole Forge Guard tree spells Armor as Armour. I dont know which one you consider to be correct, but it is inconsistent with how it is spelled in some of the skill talent trees, like Ring of Shields for instance. On a closer glance, i see it is spelled Armour in the character sheet, so i guess for consistency you will have to go through all talents and skills to make sure it is spelled correctly.

Well, block armour is a separate thing, does that node increase the block armour stat on your defence stats tab? The Steel Aegis node certainly does give block armour.

Yes, armour with a u is a British thing. Though it should be consistent, certainly.

Ah, that is my bad, didn’t see that Block Armour is actually a stat, I just presumed it was supposed to be the same as block Protection.

I know that you can spell it both ways, i only meant to point it out for the sake of consistency.

It’s not, however they are going to remove block armour & only go with block protection (since block armour only affects blocked physical damage, while block protection affectsall blocked damage)…

While not typos, the following idol tooltips are wrong:
It should say, “increases the damage your minions deal”, not “you deal”. All the other minion damage idol affixes have the same error, regardless of damage element (apart from the physical one, that’s correct).

The bottom tooltip relates to inflicting ailments, but the idol affix reduces fire protection.

Lunge’s Tactitian node should be spelled Tactician.

Closing thread.

Going forward, please post types in a new thread. Thanks!