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Two glitches discovered with spells: Glacier, Teleport

Glacier: The Greater Vortex node (comes after increasing the Big explosion damage) --> Putting a point into this node negates all previous damage buffs to the Big Explosion in Glacier. Whereas my Glacier’s big explosion was hitting 3k+ white, 6-8k crit, after putting a point here it was back down to ~1300 white, ~2800 crit. My middle explosion was consistently stronger. Upon respecializing the big explosion damage did not see a difference in damage until reinvesting in Greater Destruction, to which now it matches the big damage I was expecting to have.

Teleport: Base cooldown of 4 seconds. However after taking the Mana Tunnel node which adds +6 seconds to the cooldown, Teleport’s CD instead jumps to 13 seconds.

Hm… yea these sound like something strange is going on. Idk about the Glacier… but are there nodes that also increase the cooldown, by a percentage, of Teleport, on top of just adding the +6 base value?

Maybe this should be posted in #bugs instead?

Moving thread to Bug Reports.

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