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TwitchCon Announcement & Preview of Two New Unique Items

TwitchCon Announcement

We’re excited to announce that Leroy will be attending TwitchCon Sept 27th-29th! He will be walking the floor meeting new streamer personalities. Make sure you say hi if you see him!



Unique Items Preview



Just to clarify - there is a bug affecting how Cinder Song’s base type displays. We have fixed this internally and it won’t affect the item once it has been implemented. The item is not Mage-only.


That wand is lit! :fire: :fire_extinguisher:

The Ring seems like something for a hybrid Harvest + Minion build. Interesting. I’m so excited for the new skeleton skills now! :open_mouth:

Hmm… Or are you teasing class specific items?! But playing it off cool.

Iirc mage wand is the internal name for one of the wands, I don’t remember which though…

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That is possible…

I’m looking forward to meeting Leroy and any other attendees as well!

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I’m looking forward to that wand too! added projectile is always cool :smiley:

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It should say “Archmage Wand” rather than “Mage Wand” (which is the dev name for the Archmage Wand).

A fix for that bug will be included in 0.7.3

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Thank for showing new items .

I find sad for cinder song the -mana cost steal a slot for himself . Would be better if it mixed into the increased firespell or can be a little more than -3… Something like -5 6 at least.

Our art team has created 2d art for each of these unique items;


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