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Turbo Shield Throw, The Unholy Matrimony of Shield Throw and Turbo Vengeance

YouTube Vid With Detailed Explanation of Build :'sCorner

In this forum post/video, Dr3ad showcases his last project before Heist League, Shield Throw Ignite Forge Guard, and is very confident this is the best throwing attack build possible! This is a hybridization of Lizard’s Turbo Vengeance and my Shield Throw Ignite Paladin, another build I made here : . It also utilizes Volatile Reversal’s Damage Over TIme Debuff to strengthen the power of our ignites!

Skill Trees
Shield Throw

Volatile Reversal

Abyssal Echoes



Passive Trees
Base Tree

Void Knight

Forge Guard



In Depth In The Video Here (look for timestamps!)'sCorner

Alright, that about sums up everything. If you have any questions the best way to get in contact with me is Discord, I do not check the forums every day. Here is my Discord :

if you enjoyed this at all, or this helped you out, if you want to support me, I would highly suggest subscribing to my YouTube Channel, as it is the best way and easiest way to support me and my endevours. Here’s the link :