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Turbo Galaxy Throw | Hammer Throw + Vengeance + Martial Cadence Build Concept

YouTube Video With Passive Trees and Quick Explanation :'sCorner

Hello, this is Dr3ad from Apprentice’s Corner, in today’s forum topic we are talking about a new theorycraft. Usually when I find a build concept that is as strong as this one, I usually make a quick build concept post before I go and refine the build further, as to have your guy’s assistance with refining said build as I greatly appreciate feedback. Now onto the concept itself!

So we are a Disintegrating Aura Hammer Throw Build,

So we scale off of Void, Damage Over Time and Throwing Attack Damage <— very important.
What this means, is Martial Cadence is useful for us,

Now, this is good enough combination on its own, but we go even further thanks to the Turbo Package, which was pioneered by Lizard and Misha respectively.


Now if we combine this with Vengeance and the general attack speed package for sentinel, we can achieve a large amount of % damage for our Aura. With VK Echoes, we will very easily push past 2k% increased total damage, now what does that mean? Who knows, will have to test.

Obviously, this is a concept forum post / video, so it is not 100% refined,

We are missing all of the echo support from VK, meaning that 40% of the time our Vengeance repeats, (for more throwing attack % damage thanks to Martial Cadence) and Abyssal Echo will echo, (for more % global damage over time thanks to Abyssal Infusion + recasts), and NOW with 7.8 and onward,

echos will now support Throwing Attacks, so our Auras are getting benefited as well, which is very strong because the Disintegrating Auras can stack, and since you chuck out 3 hammers at once, it covers the screen very quickly. Now hopefully, we can take this concept and push it further with some refinements, im still having big passive point issues but will be fixed when I refine it further. Hopefully you guys will have success with it as well! I will revisit this soon at some point but will wait for community input before going further!

Alright, that about sums up everything. If you have any questions the best way to get in contact with me is Discord, I do not check the forums every day. Here is my Discord :

if you enjoyed this at all, or this helped you out, if you want to support me, I would highly suggest subscribing to my YouTube Channel, as it is the best way and easiest way to support me and my endevours. Here’s the link :


It sounds nuts, I love it!

However, you might find that the bug that prevented instant skills from echo-ing might not have been fixed if you were thinking of taking Abyssal Echoes’ Mental Echoes node, though you wouldn’t really have any need to take that node since you’re not going Warpath (or Rebuke/Smelter’s Wrath).

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