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Troubleshooting performance issues while streaming

This looks awesome, though I was hoping for optimization improvements first and foremost, especially in regards to performance problems while live streaming the game. It’s not fun being forced to sit and wait for enemies to kill you and struggle even being able to Respawn which is what causes the massive FPS drops to go away because it puts you in a different instance. If you guys need help understanding why these things are happening to LE streamers I’d like it if you could DM me and tell me any logs or additional information I could provide to help. Thanks for making my new favorite/main game. You guys are doing an awesome job!

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Right and I would hope so, but I’ve heard from multiple people some of the performance issues could be related to streaming the game, which I’m not sure if EHG is aware of that if it is an issue, or if they’d need help with it.

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There are still still the same things prevalent when not streaming. I Suggest using hardware encoder if not.

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Yeah I’m not entirely sure. I just know that when the game has the FPS drops so does my stream.

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Could you please post these two files?

If you play while not streaming, is the issue still there? If so, is it as severe as when streaming?


I need to start doing this more when I have fps issues. Just hard to tell when is me vs what is the game. even though I don’t have issues running other games. If that makes any sense.

le_graphicsmanager.ini (489 Bytes)

Need to DM you the other one. Not sure if others can see it and it has personal info.

I havent played when not streaming either, but I’ll try a bit and see if I notice any differences

oh and sorry for derailing the announcement thread a bit. i am sure you guys were happy to show that stuff off and i feel bad now thinking about it.

So I hopped onto my one necromancer which was the main class I have frame drops on while streaming, usually even to the point I couldn’t play even with little action/stuff on the screen. I did two monolith encounters, the second one being in an area I had always noticed large amounts of frame drops in while streaming. However, from what I just did, while there was minor stuttering that happened briefly a couple times, it was no where near as close to affecting my ability to play the game as I’d had experienced while streaming. I don’t believe my streaming software, or streaming uses enough system resources to make the difference in performance I experience, especially because I’ve used two different streaming software programs before as well as two different encoding options. I also notice my CPU usage sitting around 12-15% while streaming LE, even with all the applications I have running, and my GPU usage goes from around 2% usage to 56% usage just from me starting up the game. I am guessing the issue is GPU related because I have an RTX 2070 and I would imagine that GPU would be able everything, but that is just a guess. EDIT: I booted up No Man’s Sky and Risk of Rain 2 to see how that affected my GPU and entering the game in No Man’s Sky got my GPU usage up to 24% and the menu screen in Risk of Rain 2 have my GPU usage around the same as LE’s menu screen at 56-57%. So maybe the GPU is not the issue. Again, just a guess.

I will continue to test without streaming when I have gotten more sleep and have more time.

Just gonna reply here again with additional information. After having entered the Dreadnaught’s Deck for the first time in the story while streaming, my FPS dropped so hard I could barely move for a bit. However, after the one stream I went back there when I wasn’t streaming and things were smooth and ran as expected.

After some more digging I have more information to share which may help getting this issue resolved.

At first I kinda thought it was only happening while streaming the game because after I ended one stream I went to an area in the game that usually caused severe FPS drops and didn’t get it off stream.

However, during my last stream the FPS drops didn’t happen in the usual areas and after looking at some comments on some of the steam announcements for Last Epoch other people have been having similar issues who don’t even stream it. And also people saying they never have those problems.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is something causing this issue for people that is somewhat random, or related to the game’s design, but can be triggered or made worse under certain conditions, like how long the game has been running, what area of the game you are in, other programs you have running, any combination of these things and so on.

Feel free to ask any questions. I’m more than happy to provide answers as long as I can.

Thanks for the detailed follow-up-- apologies for the lack of a response. We’ll continue to work on performance issues as development continues, and having information like this is quite helpful.

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No problem! I understand you guys don’t exactly have a main office and times are rough right now for a lot of people. But keep up the great work. Eleventh Hour Games has done more good things in an early access ARPG than other ARPGs have over the course of decades. In my opinion anyhow. I’ll still try to be around as often as I can if any further information from me would be useful.

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