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Tree's Complete Revamp of Primalist Tree

Takw your time, only quality matters in my eyes. I realy have no need for a tree revamp everybody hates in a few months. I would even beta test tree changes before they hit live servers if there is any chance ^^.

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I’m with Zikkar on this one. The Beastmaster petmaster is highly optimized because all of the pets have skill trees and it’s easy to minmax the pets for maximum damage and maximum dodge +leech to keep them alive as long as you can. Outside the “golden path,” however, you have very limited options on what you can accomplish without taking serious hits to your possible survivability.

Druid just got its Wearbear tree finalized, and I haven’t seen any Poison Druids with Serpent Strike turn out very well, especially since they rely on stationary Vines that are useless once you kill everything. All the buffs you get from Swipe, Tornado, Leap, Vines such are too fickle and don’t last nearly long enough to use as useful skills without having to constantly stop and throw off your main skill.

Totems have too many different damage types - you have Lightning (Storm Totem), Cold (Storm Totem + Thorn Totem), Physical (Thorn Totem, Claw Totem), and various buff totems (Frenzy Totem + Healing Totem), so it’s difficult to take one damage type and stick to it without having to branch off too thin. Shaman is filled with multiple Lightning passives, but no main skill to let these passives really shine (maybe if Tempest Strike allows you to specialize in one damage type fully because as it is there’s too much RNG as to what damage type you’re going to get).

There needs to be a lot more synergy between the skills for Primalists and more defensive options to be able to branch out; as there is, there are few mandatory “golden paths” and a lot of lesser paths that don’t really take you anywhere.


Sweet baby Jebus yes and yes again. Thank you Tree that was so well said I have nothing more to add to this except again thank you for such a great post!


You make some great points there Tree. We’ll do our best to get it right. Thank you for the great feedback with actionable suggestions.


Jsut one thing regarding totams… Isn’t it fun to have the choice of many dmg types? You can buff the dmg of those with base modifiers without investing into X element and all work resoanable.
This opens as some room for uniques as well that will buff phys dmg if enemys were effected by cold and lightning dmg from totems for a quick example.

Yeah Serpent Strike, there have been some disussions about this skill in the past and someone told he plays a serpent strike exclusive build but he never came up with the promised video about it. The skill is flawed in it’s foundations in my eyes.

I still think Primalist classes should have their niches like Beastmaster for pets, Shaman for Totems and Druid shape related stuff without pet or totem focus. In my eyes each subclass should be a expert in what it’s there for with the possibility to get some minor stuff from other skilltrees. Some people may call this streamlining I call it class idendity or we may end up like Rift in the later days where you skilled all over the place to get key nodes and that’s that.

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Anything wrong with Tornado Lightnings?

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