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Transplant bugs [Edited for 3rd bug]

  1. Purgatory and Ivory Court have a bug which MURDERS any other precious skeletons. It will despawn all skeletons up to the maximum amount of Bone Minions when you summon a Bone Minion. For example, if I have 2 max bone minions and 8 active Skeleton Mages, it will murder 7 of them when I use transplant, leaving me with one Bone minion and one Skeleton Mage. Perhaps there was an error in coding them as additional skeletons, and so prior summoned skeletons are being refactored to count as Bone Minions.

  2. Transplant seems to cause me to randomly get stuck in walls, leaving me unable to perform any actions and have to log out. This seems to specifically happen more with the Ossification node.

  3. The “Plated Bone” node is adding 40% damage reduction to Bone Armor rather than making it 40% more effective, leading to an immense 70% global damage reduction for the duration of the buff. I imagine this isn’t intended.

This has been fixed internally.

This might be technically correct given the wording but it’s definitely, uh, pretty good. We’ll have a look.

I haven’t encountered this yet-- Is it just any time you arrive next to a wall you might get stuck?


For the wall stuckage, it’s been somewhat hard to reproduce, but my character essentially does the Ossification freeze, and then it just never stops, and it only happens if I warp very close to a wall. It makes me think I’m clipping into something, and that combined with the immobile state Ossification creates is breaking something.

Also, even if you haven’t Specialized into Transplant, you will get the Bone Armor effect (probably just visual, cannot confirm tho)

Ossification sometimes does not end the freeze effect. You start taking damage after the duration expires, but cannot move or cast spells. Teleporting out of the zone fixes it, but you cannot open a portal except for the monolith completion portal.

Edit: It looks like you can reliably reproduce getting stuck by right clicking on the ground while in Ossification. You’ll know it worked when your character instantly faces a different direction from the one you were frozen in. Just in case, I have Soul Feast on my right click if it matters.

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